Industries Served

For industries that demand precision and efficiency, EdjeTech specializes in providing advanced fluid filtration solutions. Tailored to meet the unique requirements of fields such as metalworking and automotive, our systems guarantee superior fluid cleanliness, enhanced machine longevity, and adherence to stringent environmental regulations.

Precision Filtration for Optimal Industrial Performance

Our comprehensive fluid management solutions are pivotal across a wide array of sectors, including aerospace and machine shops, fostering heightened productivity and environmental responsibility.

Designed with a focus on sustainability and efficiency, EdjeTech's systems dramatically reduce the need for new fluid purchases by up to 80% and minimize waste disposal expenses by as much as 90%, ensuring a rapid return on investment for our clients.


Fluid filtration equipment for metalworking environments. Our systems recycle coolants and oil-based fluids by removing contaminants such as fine metals, tramp oils, bacteria, and more.

Reduce Waste, Increase Production & Profit Margins

For over 38 years, EdjeTech Services has been at the forefront of industrial fluid management, specializing in advanced coolant filtration systems and expertise extending to both oil-based and water-based fluids.

Committed to reducing operational expenses, our tailored solutions across various industries are designed to maximize efficiency and ensure a significant return on investment for our clients.

Discover how EdjeTech Services' filtration systems can transform your fluid management and drive cost savings.