T.O.S.S. T1 Tramp Oil Skimmer – Advanced Tramp Oil Removal

Introduction to the T.O.S.S. T1 Tramp Oil Skimmer

The T.O.S.S. T1 Tramp Oil Skimmer emerges as a pivotal solution in enhancing industrial fluid management. Engineered to target tramp oil – a common contaminant in various industrial fluids – this system addresses critical challenges in diverse industrial settings.

The presence of tramp oil, stemming from machine leaks or external sources, can significantly impact the efficacy of industrial fluids, leading to issues like decreased cooling efficiency and increased bacterial activity.

The T.O.S.S. T1 steps in as an effective remedy. Its design is centered around the efficient extraction of tramp oils in their various forms – free-floating, dispersed, or loosely emulsified. By doing so, it plays a crucial role in preserving fluid integrity, thereby impacting the overall quality of industrial processes. This system's versatility shines across multiple applications, from CNC machining and parts washing to chemical treatment, making it a valuable asset in any industrial setting.

Designed to operate in tandem with active industrial machinery, the T.O.S.S. T1 is characterized by its autonomous functionality and ease of integration. This, coupled with its economical pricing and space-efficient design, positions the T.O.S.S. T1 as an accessible and practical tramp oil removal solution for diverse industrial needs.


The T.O.S.S. T1 Oil Skimmer is a breakthrough in maintaining industrial fluid health, tailored for a broad spectrum of industrial applications. Its design and functionality mark a significant advancement in addressing tramp oil contamination challenges.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile Tramp Oil Removal: Capable of extracting various types of tramp oils including free-floating, dispersed, and loosely emulsified oils from multiple industrial fluids, not just CNC machine coolants.
  • Broad Industrial Application: Suitable for diverse settings such as machining operations, parts washers, and chemical treatment systems, demonstrating its wide-ranging adaptability.
  • Efficient and Autonomous Operation: Designed to run autonomously with minimal oversight, it seamlessly integrates into active industrial processes, requiring no intervention during machine operation except for changing filters.
  • Economically Priced and Compact: The T.O.S.S. T1 is economically accessible and features a compact design, making it a practical addition to both small and large-scale industrial environments.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By maintaining the quality of industrial fluids, the T.O.S.S. T1 contributes to improved cooling efficiency, reduced bacterial growth, and better surface finishes on machined parts.
  • Automated, User-Friendly and Low Maintenance: Demands minimal attention, making it a convenient solution for busy industrial setups.

The T.O.S.S. T1 Tramp Oil Skimmer not only addresses the immediate need for tramp oil removal but also contributes to the overall operational efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of industrial processes.


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Key Features and Innovations

Efficient Tramp Oil Extraction

Engineered for precision, the T.O.S.S. T1 excels in tramp oil removal from industrial fluids. Its advanced extraction mechanism targets free-floating and emulsified oils, ensuring coolant purity and preventing bacterial proliferation. This not only enhances fluid longevity but also sustains machinery efficiency.

Compact and Robust Design

The T.O.S.S. T1 combines durability with space efficiency. Its compact form factor allows easy integration into diverse industrial setups, while robust construction ensures resilience against harsh operational conditions. This balance of size and strength makes it an adaptable solution for various industrial applications.

Easy Integration and Operation

Designed for operational ease, the T.O.S.S. T1 seamlessly integrates into existing systems. Its autonomous functionality minimizes manual intervention, simplifying the maintenance process. This user-friendly design translates to improved operational workflow and reduced downtime in industrial fluid management.


Diverse Industrial Applications

Ideal for Various CNC Operations

In the realm of CNC machining, the presence of tramp oil in coolants can significantly hinder machine performance and affect the quality of the finished product. The T.O.S.S. T1 Tramp Oil Skimmer excels in such environments:

Precision in Oil Removal

It adeptly handles the delicate balance needed in CNC operations, ensuring that coolants are free from oil contamination, which can otherwise lead to tool wear and suboptimal machining performance.

Adaptable Across Machinery

Whether it's milling, turning, or grinding, this skimmer seamlessly integrates with different CNC machines, providing a uniform solution for coolant maintenance across varied equipment.

Safeguarding Machine Health

By maintaining cleaner coolants, it not only extends the lifespan of the machining fluids but also contributes to the longevity and reliability of the CNC machines themselves.

Extending Beyond Metalworking

The T.O.S.S. T1’s utility extends well beyond traditional metalworking environments:

Versatility in Parts Washing

In sectors where parts washing is crucial, this skimmer plays a vital role in preventing oil accumulation in wash waters, thus ensuring cleaner parts and more efficient washing processes.

Chemical Waste Treatment

Its ability to extract tramp oil is equally effective in treating and maintaining the quality of fluids used in chemical waste treatment systems, showcasing its adaptability in more specialized industrial applications.

Broad Sector Applicability

From automotive manufacturing to aerospace engineering, this skimmer finds its place in various sectors, providing a consistent solution for maintaining fluid purity, which is crucial for both product quality and operational efficiency.

Cost Savings

Proven Benefits and ROI

Significant Cost Savings

The T.O.S.S. T1 directly impacts the bottom line of industrial operations:

Reduced Fluid Expenditure

By effectively removing tramp oil, the system extends the life of coolants and wash fluids, drastically cutting down the frequency and costs associated with fluid replacement.

Lower Waste Disposal Costs

The efficient separation of oils leads to a substantial reduction in the volume of hazardous waste generated, translating into lower disposal fees.

Operational Efficiency

The automation and effectiveness of the T.O.S.S. T1 minimize the need for manual intervention and downtime, boosting overall productivity and reducing labor costs.

Enhancing Fluid Life and Machine Health

The long-term benefits of the T.O.S.S. T1 extend to both fluids and machinery:

Prolonged Fluid Life

By maintaining the purity of coolants and washing fluids, the system ensures they remain effective over longer periods, reducing the need for frequent changes and associated downtime.

Improved Machine Performance

Clean fluids mean less wear and tear on machine components, leading to fewer breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, and extended machinery life.

Quality Assurance

Consistently clean fluids contribute to higher quality finishes in machining and parts washing processes, ensuring adherence to strict quality standards.

Reduce Waste, Increase Production & Profit Margins

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