About us

Leading in diverse fluid management solutions, EdjeTech Services specializes in manufacturing advanced industrial fluid filtration equipment & systems, leveraging a 38-year legacy of innovation, efficiency, and customized solutions for various applications.

Reduce Operational Expenses with Superior Industrial Filtration Technology

We help increase your production through waste minimization by supplying equipment that empowers you to reduce industrial fluid wastes. Our highly efficient systems remove oils and particulates from used fluids for reuse or sewer discharge.

Clean fluid improves the production process and reduces waste disposal costs. With ever-increasing oil and chemical costs, now is the time to increase fluid life and increase profits.

Fluid Filtration Solutions

EdjeTech Services is a leading industrial fluids management company backed by 38 years of industrial in-plant experience. We are committed to developing and designing solutions related to problems with industrial fluids such as:

  • Metalworking Fluids

  • Alkaline Process Water

  • Lubricants

  • Acid Process Water

  • Industrial Process Fluid Waste

Comprehensive Fluid Management Solutions

We provide a comprehensive Fluid Management Programs to safeguard or restore plant environmental resources. Through program design, fluid application, and maintenance, we help our clients control their fluids at the source, which is the most effective way to reduce or eliminate waste.

Precision Testing to Meet Your Unique Needs

In-plant pilot testing and laboratory services ensure that we meet the specific requirements of your facility.

End-to-End Service and Operator Training

Service is an important part of our Fluid Management Program. While each program represents the proper application of technology and systems, it isn’t the whole story. EdjeTech Services also provides start-up and operator training, post-installation service, and post-educational services with our equipment.

Here are some of the products EdjeTech manufactures and distributes:

Industrial Filtration Equipment

Metalworking Fluids

  • Cutting/Tapping/Grinding Oils

  • Detergents - Floor, Parts Washer, Machine Cleaning

  • Forming

  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Semi-Synthetic

  • Spindle Oils

  • Synthetic

  • Drawing

  • EDM Fluid

  • Grinding

  • Rust Inhibitors

  • Slide Way Oils

  • Stamping

  • Water-Soluble Fluids

Filter Media

  • Bag Filters

  • Cartridge Filters

  • Roll Media

Reduce Waste, Increase Production & Profit Margins

For over 38 years, EdjeTech Services has been at the forefront of industrial fluid management, specializing in advanced coolant filtration systems and expertise extending to both oil-based and water-based fluids.

Committed to reducing operational expenses, our tailored solutions across various industries are designed to maximize efficiency and ensure a significant return on investment for our clients.

Discover how EdjeTech Services' filtration systems can transform your fluid management and drive cost savings.