Tube Mill Coolant Recycling Systems

Tube Mill Coolant Filtration System

Introducing the EdjeTech TMCRS – a specialized Tube Mill Coolant Recycling System, meticulously engineered to elevate industrial coolant management. This system is a cornerstone for tube mills seeking to optimize their coolant lifecycle while maintaining operational efficiency. The TMCRS excels in extracting tramp oil and particulates, significantly extending coolant life and reducing contamination risks.

Its integration into existing setups is seamless, ensuring minimal disruption to workflow. Designed for high-volume environments, the TMCRS’s automated process not only curtails operational costs by decreasing waste and fluid expenses but also boosts productivity by maintaining consistent coolant quality. Ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications, the TMCRS epitomizes innovation in coolant recycling, aligning with modern environmental and efficiency standards.


The EdjeTech TMCRS is engineered with a suite of advanced features designed for optimal coolant recovery and purification. Key among these is its highly efficient filtration system, capable of removing both ferrous and non-ferrous particulates, as well as tramp oil, down to 1/4 of 1% by volume. This ensures a cleaner coolant, leading to prolonged tool life and better surface finishes.

The system’s automated operation, backed by a compact and self-contained design, makes it a low-maintenance solution ideal for busy industrial settings. Additionally, the TMCRS’s adaptability allows it to handle varying process rates and coolant volumes, making it a versatile choice for different tube mill sizes and configurations. Its robust construction, featuring chemical-resistant materials, guarantees durability and resilience in challenging industrial environments


EdjeTech’s TMCRS offers a range of customizable options to precisely fit the unique demands of each tube mill facility. Facilities can choose from various system capacities to accommodate different volume requirements. Additionally, the TMCRS can be equipped with optional pre-filtration systems for handling heavier particulate loads, enhancing its efficiency in more demanding environments. For facilities monitoring specific coolant parameters, optional electronic refractometers can be integrated for accurate fluid concentration measurements.

The system’s modularity also allows for the addition of extra filtration stages or integration with existing coolant systems, providing a flexible solution that evolves with your facility’s needs. These options ensure that each TMCRS system is not just a product but a tailored solution, enhancing its effectiveness and adaptability in diverse industrial settings.


The EdjeTech TMCRS delivers a multitude of operational benefits, directly impacting both efficiency and cost-effectiveness in tube mill operations. By significantly reducing the concentration of tramp oil and particulates in coolant, the TMCRS ensures a cleaner working environment and prolongs the lifespan of both the coolant and cutting tools. This translates to decreased expenditure on coolant replacements and less downtime due to maintenance. Additionally, the system’s efficient filtration mechanism greatly reduces waste disposal costs, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

The TMCRS’s automated and user-friendly design minimizes the need for manual intervention, freeing up valuable labor resources for other critical tasks. These benefits collectively result in a quick return on investment, making the TMCRS an economically smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their tube milling processes


The EdjeTech TMCRS is designed to serve a wide array of applications within the industrial sector, particularly excelling in environments where tube milling is pivotal. Its robust design makes it an ideal choice for large-scale automotive manufacturing plants and heavy-duty machining facilities.

The system’s versatile filtration capabilities allow it to adeptly handle various types of metalworking fluids, making it suitable for different machining processes, from standard milling to more specialized tube forming operations. Furthermore, its adaptability extends to serving facilities that deal with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ensuring optimal coolant cleanliness irrespective of the machining material. This versatility makes the TMCRS a comprehensive solution, capable of enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability across diverse industrial applications.


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