Portable Coolant Sump Sucker

Green Machine Coolant Sump Vacuum Cleaners

The Green Machine Sump Sucker is great for a variety of jobs around your plant. It can be used to clean out machine sumps or pits, vacuum surface tramp oil from your sump, and separate metal fines and particulates from your coolant.

This versatile machine fluid and water sump cleaner operates on compressed air and is easy to use.

Benefits of Using a Sump Sucker

Cleaning out dirty machine reservoirs is one of the most unpleasant jobs in the shop but can be made vastly more tolerable when you use the Green Machine coolant sump vacuum cleaner. You have three different machines to choose from, and each one offers slightly different features than the next.

Our standard Green Machine coolant sump cleaner is simple to use and only requires air pressure. Its maintenance-free design means you don’t have any problems.

If you need more capacity, the Green Machine DTS comes with two 55 or 90-gallon tanks. All models have the same great Sump Sucker technology.

Click on the machine of your choice below for additional information. You also can call us toll-free at (800) 242-0525 to learn more.

Green Machine Sump Cleaner

The Green Machine is great for a variety of jobs around your plant. It can be used to clean out machine sumps or pits, vacuum surface tramp oil from your sump, separate metal fines, and particulate from your machine coolant. This versatile industrial sump vacuum cleaner operates on compressed air and is easy to use.


Extend the life of your sump by simply using the Green Machine. Clean out your sump entirely, filtering out any solids, and then return the clean machine coolant back into the sump through the convenient 1-1/2″ ball valve located at the bottom of the unit. The fluid can either gravity flow back into the sump or be pressure-driven for fast evacuation.


An important feature is the unit’s rugged construction. The Green Machine is built tough to withstand the plant environment. The vacuum is maintenance and repair-free. All materials of construction are of the highest standards to ensure the BEST QUALITY FOR OUR CUSTOMERS.


The Green Machine Sump Sucker is very easy to use – connect it to an airline and the unit is in full operation. With the turn of a knob, this sump sucker can fill or discharge quickly and easily. A high-level check valve will turn off the suction when the unit is full.


Air Pressure (minimum) PSI 80
Air Consumption cfm 19
Air Discharge cfm 80
Flow PM 30
Vacuum in.Hg 11
Size Tank Capacity
GM55 55 US Gallon
GM90 90 US Gallon
  • 1/2" Air Line Required

  • Note: Figures are rounded off


  • Filter: P2 Bag Filter, available in 200 to 50 micron rating. 200 micron standard

  • Casters: 4″ diameter, 2 swivel w/brake, 2 rigid

  • Hose: 1-1/2″ industrial strength, chemical and abrasion resistant

  • Accessories: Wands are chrome plated steel, crevice tool, bulk pick-up nozzle, forklift guides, tool holder, and push handle

  • Material: Carbon steel construction

Green Machine Features Chart

Green Machine Model Green Machine Green Machine DTS
Tank 1 Holding Capacity, US Gallons 55 or 90 55 or 90
Tank 2 Holding Capacity, US Gallons None 55 or 90
Filter Basket, 1.0 cubic foot Yes Yes
Filter Basket, P2 Style bag No No
Suction/Discharge Feature Yes Yes
Clean Out Port, 8"x8" Yes Yes
Casters Yes Yes
Tool Holder Yes Yes
Suction Hose, Clean Fluid No Yes
Suction Hose, Dirty Fluid Yes Yes
Fork Lift Guides Yes Yes
Push Handle Yes Yes
Tools, Large Crevice Tool, Bulk Pickup Nozzle Yes Yes

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