Tramp Oil Separator System

Efficient Contaminant Removal with the T.O.S.S Oil Water Separator System

Facing challenges with tramp oil and suspended solids in your coolants and wash waters?

The T.O.S.S. Tramp Oil Separation System, also known as an Oil Water Separation System, is your comprehensive solution. Specifically designed for a broad spectrum of industries, this system employs advanced coalescing technology to significantly enhance the longevity and performance of machining fluids by removing contaminants such as tramp oil and suspended solids from water-based coolants, synthetic and semi-synthetic cutting fluids, and wash water systems, tackling the core issues of operational downtime and efficiency head-on.

Tailored for machine shops and manufacturers, the T.O.S.S. system not only guarantees optimal fluid quality and sustainability by minimizing waste and promoting reusability but also directly contributes to your bottom line. Expect a swift return on investment within 9 to 12 months, courtesy of drastically reduced hazardous waste volumes by up to 90% and a significant cut in fluid purchases by up to 80%.

Don't let tramp oil disrupt your operations. Contact us today to elevate your filtration process and see how the T.O.S.S. System can streamline your operations, ensuring you stay ahead in the demanding high-volume manufacturing landscape.

System Overview

Key Features:

The T.O.S.S. Oil/Water Separator System is designed for efficiency and versatility, ensuring seamless integration across a range of industrial settings. Featuring a high-efficiency coalescing system, a large reservoir tank, and floating skimmers, this comprehensive system provides a complete solution for removing free-floating, dispersed, and loosely emulsified tramp oils, as well as suspended solids from coolants and wash water systems.

Here’s a breakdown of its key operational features:

  • High-Efficiency Coalescing Filter: Maximizes removal of free-floating, dispersed, and loosely emulsified tramp oils, achieving oil separation to less than 0.5% by volume
  • Superior Coalescing System: Unlike competitors that merely skim oil off the surface, our system actively forces individual oil droplets floating throughout the contaminated fluid to rise and be efficiently separated
  • Automated Oil Discharge: Equipped with an automatic discharge mechanism for separated oils, facilitating continuous operation and minimal manual intervention
  • Efficient Oil Drainage: Achieves superior oil-water separation, draining free oil with a minimal water content of only 1-2%, compared to the 30%+ found in other systems' outputs
  • Customizable System Configuration: Tailored to accommodate specific flow rates and volume requirements, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of industrial applications
  • Durable Construction: Features robust design elements suited for challenging industrial conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and performance
  • Compact and Efficient Design: The T.O.S.S. system is built to occupy minimal floor space while providing maximum efficiency in tramp oil separation, suitable for facilities where space is at a premium
  • Gravity Flow Operation: Utilizing gravity to aid in the separation process, the T.O.S.S. facilitates a natural, energy-efficient flow of fluids through the system
  • Flexible Flow Rates: Accommodating a wide range of industrial applications, the T.O.S.S. system offers adjustable flow rates starting at 1 US gallon per minute (GPM) and up to 50GPM or more, making it adaptable to both small and large volume filtration needs
  • Advanced Solids Filtration Options: With a variety of filtration options including a V-bottom design for heavy sludge, a standard 100-micron bag filter for suspended solids, and an optional pre-filter for enhanced cleanliness, the system is equipped to handle diverse contamination challenges
  • Dual Pump Options: To meet various operational requirements, the T.O.S.S. can be equipped with either air or electric pumps, providing flexibility in power sources
  • Portability for On-demand Use: Select models of the T.O.S.S. system are portable, offering easy relocation to where they are most needed within the facility

Industrial Applications:

The T.O.S.S. system is ideal for facilities engaged in CNC machining, metal forming such as grinding, turning, and parts washing operations. Its versatile design supports integration into existing waste treatment or fine filtration systems, including applications with micro, nano, ultra, and reverse osmosis technologies.

Strategic Benefits:

  • Operational Cost Reduction: Significantly lowers expenses related to coolant replacement and hazardous waste disposal by maintaining fluid cleanliness and extending fluid life
  • Enhanced Machine Performance: Protects machinery and tooling from the detrimental effects of oil contamination, leading to improved operational efficiency and product quality
  • Compliance and Sustainability: Supports environmental compliance efforts with effective oil separation, contributing to more sustainable manufacturing practices

Streamlined Integration and Maintenance:

  • Plug-and-Play Setup: The T.O.S.S. system is engineered for ease of integration into existing manufacturing setups. Its plug-and-play design minimizes installation time and does not require significant alterations to current processes, enabling a smooth transition and rapid deployment
  • Low Maintenance Requirement: Built with longevity and minimal upkeep in mind, the T.O.S.S. system boasts a design that requires less frequent maintenance checks, thanks to its self-cleaning features and robust construction. This translates into lower operational costs and reduced downtime

Enhanced Fluid and Machinery Longevity:

  • Superior Fluid Quality Maintenance: By consistently removing tramp oils to below 0.5% by volume, the T.O.S.S. system significantly enhances the quality and lifespan of machining fluids. This not only improves machining accuracy and surface finishes but also reduces the need for costly fluid replacements
  • Protective Impact on Equipment: The system's efficacy in maintaining clean coolants directly contributes to reducing wear and tear on machinery. By preventing the buildup of harmful contaminants, it extends the operational life of equipment and maintains high performance standards

How it Works

How the T.O.S.S. System Works – A Closer Look

Understanding the operational mechanics of the T.O.S.S. Tramp Oil Separator System provides insight into its efficiency and effectiveness. Our system uses advanced coalescing technology to remove tramp oil and suspended solids from coolants and wash waters, enhancing the longevity and performance of industrial fluids. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

Skimming the Surface:

The journey begins with the EdjeTech floating skimmer, which is strategically placed in the fluid reservoir. Designed to adjust to the fluid surface, it skims off free-floating oils and captures fluid containing mechanically dispersed oil and suspended solids just beneath.

Filtering the Fluid:

Once the fluid is skimmed, it's drawn through the skimmer into a separator supply pump. The next stop is a bag filter housed within the separator, where suspended solids are efficiently filtered out, leaving behind cleaner fluid.

Coalescing Media:

Post-filtration, the fluid moves under the tramp oil discharge trough into the heart of our system — the highly efficient coalescing media. This media is engineered to maximize surface area in a compact space, boasting 132 square feet of surface area per cubic foot. It's here that 99% of 20-micron oil droplets (and larger) are separated on the first pass, thanks to the vast area available for coolant flow and separation.

Returning Clean Fluid:

After the coalescing process, the now-clarified fluid flows into a clean fluid chamber. From there, it’s gently discharged back into the original reservoir through an adjustable overflow weir, completing the cycle of purification.

Automatic Oil Removal:

As the coalescing media does its work, free oils rise to the tank's top and flow into the tramp oil discharge trough. These oils are then automatically drained out of the system into a holding container provided by the client, such as a 5-gallon pail or a 55-gallon drum, ensuring that the system maintains its efficiency without manual intervention.


Model Flow Rate (GPM) Max. Operating Temp. Operating Capacity (US GAL.) A (in) B (in) C (in) D (in)
MT2 2 180°F 25 33 12-1/4 42 24
MT3 3 180°F 30 39 12-1/4 42 24
05 5 180°F 37 48 12-1/4 42 24
10 10 180°F 75 48 24-1/4 42 24
15 15 180°F 110 48 36-1/4 42 24
25 25 180°F 290 60 48-1/4 42 24
50 50 180°F 400 72 36 66 24
Custom specifications available upon request. Contact us for more information.


How does the T.O.S.S. System improve coolant and wash water quality?

The T.O.S.S. employs advanced coalescing technology to remove both visible and microscopic oil droplets and suspended solids from coolants and wash waters, significantly enhancing fluid longevity and reducing the need for replacements.

What distinguishes the T.O.S.S. from traditional skimmers?

Unlike traditional skimmers that only remove surface oil, the T.O.S.S. system separates all forms of tramp oil, including mechanically dispersed oils (mixed in from agitation), thanks to its superior coalescing filter, ensuring a more thorough purification.

Can the T.O.S.S. be customized for my facility's needs?

Absolutely. The T.O.S.S. offers customizable configurations to fit specific operational volumes and space constraints, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of industrial settings.

What operational benefits does the T.O.S.S. offer?

Users can expect a swift ROI from reduced fluid purchases and disposal costs, less maintenance, improved machine performance, and compliance with environmental standards, all contributing to lower operational expenses.

How can I get started with the T.O.S.S. in my operation?

Contact our team to discuss your filtration needs. We'll provide a tailored solution that aligns with your operational goals and setup for a seamless integration.

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