Use an Efficient Tramp Oil Skimmer to Remove Tramp Oils

Use an Efficient Tramp Oil Skimmer to Remove Tramp Oils

At EdjeTech, we provide a tramp oil skimmer and water separation system that eliminates mechanically disseminated, free-floating oil and suspended solids from contaminated fluid. This blog explores the features and benefits of the tramp oil separator system and its process.

Easy to Operate

The system we offer provides operator-friendly operation without requirement for highly-trained personnel to maintain the system. The system itself consists of a floating skimmer, oil water separation unit, and electric or air pump.

The individual operating this tramp oil separator system is responsible for placing the floating skimmer and T.O.S.S. clean fluid return line into the fluid reservoir. After pump operation begins, the T.O.S.S. handles the rest of the operation.

Operation of the Floating Skimmer

The reservoir in which our T.O.S.S. floating skimmer is installed is filled up with contaminated fluid. In order to skim the reservoir’s surface of floating free oils, certain adjustments are made to the skimmer. In addition, the skimmer takes in fluid beneath the surface where mechanically dispersed oil and suspended solids are present.

Removal of Suspended Solids

A separator supply pump is used to draw contaminated fluid through the skimmer from which it is also discharged into a bag filter within the separator. Suspended solids are removed as the fluid passes through the bag filter. Fluid continues to flow beneath the tramp oil discharge trough until it is eventually delivered into highly efficient coalescing media.

Highly Efficient Separation

The coalescing media involved consists of 132 square feet of surface area and one cubic foot in size. The large surface area involved accounts for the 99 percent separation efficiency of 20 µ oil droplets. The total area available for the tramp coolants to flow through determines the efficiency of the tramp oil separator.

Clarified fluid flows from the coalescing media into the clean fluid chamber. It is then transferred from the separator through an adjustable overflow weir, and then, usually conveyed back into the reservoir.

The free oils are removed to the top of the tank by means of the media surface. From there, they enter the tramp oil removal trough and are finally eliminated from the system by means of gravity into a holding container supplied by the client – such as a five-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum.

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