The Importance of Removing Tramp Oils From Spent Coolant Fluid

The Importance of Removing Tramp Oils From Spent Coolant Fluid

Coolant plays a crucial role in regulating temperature and providing lubrication for CNC machines. If your coolant becomes contaminated, it can cause major issues for your equipment. Oil skimming is a useful practice that helps you maintain clean and effective coolant. In turn, this preserves the efficiency and performance of your CNC machines. Discover the importance of removing tramp oils from spent coolant fluid with this overview.

The Importance of Removing Tramp Oils From Spent Coolant Fluid

The Dangers of Tramp Oil

Tramp oil refers to hydrocarbon-based substances—such as hydraulic oil or lubricating greases—that make their way into a machine’s coolant. These unwanted fluids contaminate the coolant and cause issues throughout the machine.

Tramp oils lower the lifespan of your coolant and decrease coolant efficiency. Moreover, tramp oils can cause serious issues with machinery and parts by clogging lines. Tramp oils also act as a breeding ground for bacteria, which present a significant health and safety hazard for operators and other employees.

Coolant Is Becoming More Expensive

Tramp oils contaminate coolant and force you to replace your fluids sooner than expected. In today’s market, that’s an expensive problem. Rising material costs—as well as rising labor costs for coolant replacement—make it even more critical to extend the service life of your machine’s coolant.

Removing tramp oil means removing the contaminants that make your coolant unusable. As a result, you can recycle your coolant, improving both the lifespan and efficiency of your CNC machine’s fluids.

Tramp Oil Puts Your Work Environment at Risk

Health and safety are major concerns when discussing the importance of removing tramp oils from coolant. When tramp oil contaminates coolant, those oils come in contact with hot parts throughout the machine. In addition to creating a burn hazard, the heated oil gives off a hazardous smoke or mist that puts your workers in danger.

Additionally, the bacteria that can grow in the presence of tramp oil create a health hazard in the form of rashes and other skin disorders. If left unchecked, tramp oil creates a dangerous work environment that puts your employees’ health and safety at risk.

Boost Safety and Efficiency With Oil Skimmers

Tramp oil skimmers work to remove free-floating oils, dispersed oils, and suspended solids from your machine’s reservoirs. By eliminating coolant contaminants, tramp oil skimmers extend the service life of your coolant and keep your machine operating at its best. Improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your CNC machine with a dependable tramp oil skimmer from EdjeTech.

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