How Tramp Oil Can Damage Your Machining Equipment

How Tramp Oil Can Damage Your Machining Equipment
How Tramp Oil Can Damage Your Machining Equipment

Tramp oil affects many manufacturing facilities. Most CNC machining operations have to deal with it on some level. What is tramp oil, and why does it damage your machinery?

Let's look closer at how tramp oil can damage your machining equipment and learn how you can protect your gear from damage.

What Is Tramp Oil?

Tramp oil is a lubricant accumulating in machine tool coolants and other cutting fluids. It usually contains metalworking fluids contaminated by a machine’s lubricants, such as hydraulic, gear, and neat cutting oils. These contaminants can create an environment where bacteria and fungi grow, leading to further contamination of the coolant.

Why Is Tramp Oil Damaging?

Tramp oil can be extremely damaging to your machining equipment because it reduces the life expectancy of the coolant and the performance of your machines. If left untreated, it can cause coolant lines to clog or form sludge, reducing the fluid’s ability to cool spindles or other components. Tramp oil can also lead to rusting and corrosion on exposed surfaces, resulting in costly repairs or replacements. Finally, contamination could render your operation unsafe if left unchecked for too long due to flammability.

How Can You Protect Your Equipment?

An effective oil skimmer system is the best way to protect your machinery from tramp oil damage. A good CNC oil skimmer system should be able to remove up to 95 percent of all visible tramp oils while improving the quality of your coolants by removing suspended solids and other contaminants. Regularly maintain and monitor these systems for any signs of trouble to ensure optimal performance. Consider implementing preventative maintenance measures, such as regular filter changes and inspections of hoses and seals for signs of damage caused by tramp oils.

While there isn't much you can do about preventing tramp oil contamination (other than properly servicing all machines), you can protect your machinery from damage caused by this type of lubricant accumulation. Using an effective skimmer system is one way; regular maintenance practices are just as important when preventing tramp oil damage in machining applications. By following these tips and taking appropriate preventative measures against tramp oils in your facility, you'll keep your equipment running smoothly for years!

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