EdjeTech’s Green Machine Sump Sucker - Features and Benefits

EdjeTech’s Green Machine Sump Sucker - Features and Benefits

At EdjeTech Services, our Green Machine Sump Sucker is a highly useful piece of equipment to handle an array of jobs around your industrial plant. It can be used effectively to clean out pits and machine sumps, separate metal fines, vacuum surface tramp oil from your sump, and separate particulate from your coolant. This machine functions through compressed air and is easy to use.Sump Sucker BenefitsClearing out dirty machine reservoirs is an unpleasant job, no doubt. However, this task does not have to be overly dirty or difficult if you use the Green Machine Sucker. There are two different machines we offer at EdjeTech Services , each having nominally different features.The standard Green Machine utilizes air pressure offering a maintenance-free design that eliminates potential problems. The Green Machine tank volumes are 55 gallons for the Green Machine 55 and 90 gallons for the Green Machine 90.For greater capacity the DTS model comes with an additional 55 or 90-gallon tank to hold clean fluid for quick dispensing to the reservoir that was just evacuated.FiltrationA few tips for extending the life of your machinery: Clean your sump effectively. Remove any solids through filtering. Then the clean coolant will flow back into the sump through a 1 ½ inch ball valve at the bottom of the machine. The fluid returns either through pressure driven process for faster evacuation results or by means of gravity.QualityThe unit consists of a solid construction. It is built to take the rigors of a plant environment. The vacuum itself is repair and maintenance free. All materials used in its construction are to the highest standards to ensure best quality results.OperationIn order to use the Green Machine, all that is necessary is to connect to an airline and instantly the unit is in operation. With a turn of a knob, the machine is able to fill or discharge easily and quickly. When the unit is full, the check valve will shut off the suction.For more information about our Green Machine Sucker or other high-value products we offer, contact us today.

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