Coolant Recycling Should Be a Priority for All Machine Shops

Coolant Recycling Should Be a Priority for All Machine Shops

As you’re looking at important items for your new metalworking business, be sure to evaluate coolant recycling systems. This is a system that should be part of your business from the day you open the door. There are many benefits to coolant recycling for both your bottom line and for your employees.

Cost Savings

This is the obvious one. Recycling coolant is a great way to save money. With the proper coolant recycling system, your coolant can be cleaned and reused indefinitely. This is a simple way to save money on the cost of coolant and the costs of proper environmentally friendly disposal. The money you spend to install the coolant recycling system will be recouped quickly in coolant savings. As low as three months for some systems!

Environmental Stewardship

Machine coolants are made with many chemicals that are toxic to humans and wildlife and should be kept out of our waterways and landfills. The less coolant that we have to dispose of, the better. Recycling the coolant to extend its service life is the best way to reduce its environmental impact.

EdjeTech can help you choose the right equipment and products for your shop to ensure that you’re able to recycle coolant from the very beginning. This is one of the most important steps you can take to get your business off on the right foot. Coolant recycling systems are one of the most important things you can do to ensure your business gets off on a clean and efficient foot. Call Edjetech today to get your coolant recycling system in place.

Reduce Waste, Increase Production & Profit Margins

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