Common Applications for Industrial Sump Vacuum Cleaners

Common Applications for Industrial Sump Vacuum Cleaners

Keeping your machines clean is a key part of maintaining safe, efficient, and successful systems around your shop. One of the most valuable tools for metalworking shops and other industrial plants is a sump vacuum cleaner. From making an unpleasant job easier to saving you money by extending the lifespan of your coolant, industrial sump vacuum cleaners are a valuable solution to have on hand. Learn more about the common applications for industrial sump vacuum cleaners with this brief overview.

Common Applications for Industrial Sump Vacuum Cleaners

Empty Machine Sumps

Your machine sump can gather a significant buildup of sludge and metal chips over time. It’s important to clean out this part of the machine to keep your equipment operating smoothly, but the process can be unpleasant without the right tools.

Sump vacuum cleaners make cleaning out the sump a quick and simple process, which means you have an easier time staying on top of routine maintenance and care.

Perform Coolant Filtration

Coolant filtration is a simple yet incredibly beneficial process for machine shops. Filtering debris from your coolant allows you to reuse the fluid. You’ll save money on materials, minimize disposal costs, and create more sustainable practices for your facility.

One of the applications of industrial sump vacuum cleaners is vacuuming up coolant and separating the fluid from metal shavings and other contaminants. The sludge and debris go into a filter bag, then filtered coolant can be drained from the vacuum to be used again. This allows shops to use coolant longer without harming their machines with old or contaminated liquids.

Minimize Equipment Downtime

The more efficient your sump cleaning process is, the sooner you can get your equipment back up and running. Industrial sump vacuum cleaners are quick and easy to operate. You can take care of your machines and complete the job in less time, which helps minimize downtime and improve productivity in your shop.

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