• We're Here To Help!

    We're Here To Help!

    EdjeTech Services specializes in assisting manufacturing companies with solving fluid application and waste fluid disposal problems. Read More


    The U/F supply pump (1) pulls fluid from the process tank and discharges it through a prefilter (2) and the U/F membrane (3). The U/F membrane generates two fluid streams, the permeate and concentrate. Read More
  • Tramp Oil Separator System (T.O.S.S.) T1

    Tramp Oil Separator System (T.O.S.S.) T1

    EdjeTech’s oil water separator system (T.O.S.S. T1) is an economical solution to eliminate tramp oil problems. The T.O.S.S. T1 is priced so that one can be put on every machine tool sump in the shop. Read More
  • TRAMP Oil Separator Systems

    TRAMP Oil Separator Systems

    EdjeTech's T.O.S,S. extends the life of your metalworking and metal forming fluids and detergent wash waters. Read More
  • Coolant Filtration Systems

    Coolant Filtration Systems

    EdjeTech's coolant filtration systems (C.R.O.S.S.) are liquid/sold and liquid/liquid separation systems that use the best balance of filtration. Read More


    The EdjeTech S.W.A.T. System is designed to help the Industrial Fluids Manager control his coolant and production wash water waste. Read More


    The Green Machine Sump Sucker is great for a variety of jobs in your plant. Read More


    The T.M.C.R.S is used to clarify large volumes of coolant with various process rates and are custom designed for individual facility needs. Read More
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  • Ultra Filtration Systems

    Ultra Filtration Systems

    Ultrafiltration Systems from EdjeTech Ultrafiltration (UF) water and waste coolant systems offered by EdjeTech help users significantly reduce their waste Read More
  • Oil Water Separator Systems

    Oil Water Separator Systems

    Oil Water Separator Systems from EdjeTech At EdjeTech, we design our oil and water separator systems to improve process efficiencies, Read More
  • Solids Filtration

    Solids Filtration

    Solids Filtration Equipment Edjean Technical Services Inc. products cover a huge range of applications for the metalworking fluid industry. Our Read More
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Welcome to EdjeTech Services

Increasing Production Through Waste Minimization for Over 30 Years

EdjeTech Services boasts a proven track record of manufacturing high-efficiency and high-quality industrial fluid filtration equipment for metalworking operations. Our products, with their decidedly superior results, are the preferred choice in job shops.

No matter which Industrial Fluid Filtration Equipment you choose, you can expect a marked improvement in your production process, and enjoy the benefits of reduced costs of waste disposal. In the backdrop of escalating oil and chemical costs, it has become imperative for enterprises to save dollars by using and reusing industrial fluids smartly. EdjeTech makes this possible.

Our solutions are geared towards a variety of oil and water-based filtration applications. EdjeTech customarily develops and designs solutions for industrial fluids such as metalworking fluids, lubricants, alkaline process water, acid process water, mop water, and other process fluid wastes.

EdjeTech’s product portfolio comprises:

Oil/water separators, straight oil filter units, central filtration/recycling systems, industrial filtration systems, such as: ultra filtration systems, high volume in-line filtration systems, and tube mill coolant filtration systems. EdjeTech can also solve your fluid filtration problems with custom systems designed specifically for the task at hand.

In addition to being a reputable manufacturer of Industrial Fluid Filtration Equipment, EdjeTech also distributes high performance metalworking fluids and cleaners, centrifuges, reverse osmosis systems, cooling towers and heat exchangers.

Let our experience help you Increase Production Through Waste Minimization!