S.W.A.T. MP Ultrafiltration Separation Waste And Treatment System

PROVEN EFFECTIVE Ultrafiltration Membrane Performance

Users of our MINI Separation Waste And Treatment System (SWAT) technologies have reduced their waste fluid by 90% to 98%, satisfying many requirements of state and local discharge limitations.

The MINI SWAT System is an Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane water treatment system designed for easy installation and start-up and includes everything that is needed to waste treat coolants and recycle detergent wash waters.

Effective Water Treatment and Coolant Recovery Performance

  • No hazardous chemicals required
  • Units fully assembled
  • Highly efficient solutions membrane ultrafiltration modules
  • Membrane cleaning system
  • Timer controlled for semi-automatic operation
  • Post treatment modules available

Economical, Field Proven UF Membrane Performance Technologies

  • Automatic operation
  • Long membrane life
  • Designed simplicity means low maintenance
  • Low operating pressures for reduced energy cost
  • Compact, self contained UF system integrations
  • System pay back is typically 3 to 9 months

Separation Waste and Treatment System Benefits

  • Removes free floating and chemically bonded oil
  • Separated free oils can be sold or reused
  • Removes suspended solids
  • Reduces waste disposal and hauling costs
  • Effluent as permeate can be discharged or reused
  • Reduces new fluid purchases

Applications For Our Ultrafiltation Products

  • INDUSTRIAL PARTS WASHERS – Clarifying acid and alkaline wash water solutions containing emulsified oils.
  • WASTE WATER COLLECTION – Emulsified oily wastewater collected from floor scrubbers, drain basins, and yard drainage
  • GENERAL APPLICATION – Any process water or wastewater containing emulsified oils and other hydrocarbons.
  • GRINDING AND MACHINING - Water extended cutting, grinding, drill and tapping fluids used in manufacturing operations.
Swat Graph
MODEL Process Flow Rate
Gallons Processed in 24 Hrs. (GPD)
S.W.A.T. MP-1 0.20-0.41
S.W.A.T. MP-2 0.41-0.83