Coolant Recovery Systems

The question is not how to safely dispose of the dirty coolant but how to create an environment of coolant recovery in the shop. This environment of “Coolant Recovery” has to start with and be supported by management. In order for management to get to that “Ah-Ha” moment they need to see the benefits of coolant recovery and understand any coolant recovery systems personnel want to purchase and implement.

Benefits of Coolant Recovery Systems

·         Saves Money

·         Removes free floating and mechanically dispersed oils

·         Removes suspended solids

·         Helps maintain coolant concentrations

·         Provides more accurate refractometer readings

·         Continually cleans the coolant

·         Reduces coolant disposal volumes by up to 90%

·         Reduces new fluid purchased up to 80%

·         Minimal maintenance

·         Easy to operate

·         Payback is typically 9 – 12 months

EdjeTech Services provides oil/water separators (T.O.S.S.), Coolant Recovery Oil Separator Systems (C.R.O.S.S.), Tube Mill Coolant Recovery Systems (TMCRS), Straight Oil Filters (S.O.F.) that will help with fluid management throughout the shop.

If your facility is looking for a coolant filter right at the machine sump (T.O.S.S.-T1), we have it! If your facility is looking for a centralized coolant filter (C.R.O.S.S.), we have that! If your facility is looking for high-flow, in-line filtration (TMCRS), we have that! If your shop needs a straight oil filter (S.O.F.), we have that! Are you washing parts? We can filter that!

When you think of recovering your coolant, think EdjeTech Services.

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